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slogan n : a favorite saying of a sect or political group [syn: motto, catchword, shibboleth]

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GenAm [ˈslogən]


  1. A battle cry (original meaning).
  2. A distinctive phrase of a person or group of people.
  3. A phrase associated with a product, used in advertising.


phrase associated with a product, used in advertising



  1. slogan (advertising)
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A slogan is a memorable motto or phrase used in a political, commercial, religious and other context as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose.
Slogans vary from the written and the visual to the chanted and the vulgar. Often their simple rhetorical nature leaves little room for detail, and as such they serve perhaps more as a social expression of unified purpose, rather than a projection for an intended audience.
The word "slogan" comes from sluagh-ghairm (pronounced slua-gherum), which is Gaelic for "battle cry" .


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bugle call, byword, call to arms, call-up, catch phrase, catchword, clarion, clarion call, cliche, conscription, cry, device, epigraph, epithet, exhortation, expression, fad word, go for broke, gung ho, idiom, inscription, levy, locution, mobilization, motto, muster, pet expression, phrase, rally, rallying cry, rebel yell, recruitment, shibboleth, tag line, trumpet call, vogue word, war cry, war whoop, watchword
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